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Rhino Horn. Asians think it's a cure for headaches and hangovers. Rhino slaughter is on the increase and on their conscience, but the Asian mafia paying poor Mozambicans to go shoot Rhino and hack off their horns, don't give a damn. They just want the money.

Kruger Park rangers, have a lot of walking to do. Through bush filled with snakes and other biting things. With rifles ready, they stroll the long elephant grass, searching for snares and steel jaw traps and poachers.

While charging rhino or lion or elephant are a worry, it's the buffalo and the heavily armed poachers they worry about the most. Buffalo are super aggressive and don't stop coming even with an R1 rifle round embedded in their skulls. Poachers carry AK-47's and are as bush-wise as the rangers. They know how to use their senses to track or anticipate trouble. Be it wild beasts or Kruger rangers after their scalps.

You are embedded with the rangers and your life is in their hands. If you get charged by a lion or a pack of them, you can only hope your companions with shiny rifles know how to use them. Their advise to you is, don't try to run. Whatever is coming at you, stand still and stare it down. Or shoot if you have a gun. You don't. You only have a camera.

So you muse on the idea of a face off with a herd of buffalo. Knowing there's no escape. So you will just stand there and shit your pants.

#rhinohorn #poaching #traditionalmedicine #krugernationalpark

-the escape artist 26/04/23

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