UPC/Vietnam Wind Energy Limited.

Film Outlines, Ideas, Concepts, Storyboards.



as seen on


YouTube Channel

Fast paced.  Music predominates. Information mainly comes in titles, rapid edit. Time lapses show just sections of a build.  Lots workers/working seen from circling drone footage.  Busy time-lapses.  A lot of wide angles shots. Flat colour and grade.

More UPC video links below. Lots of music.  Music soundtrack predominates.  Limited information shared in still titles.


as seen on


YouTube Channel

Gentle, relaxed pace.  Music plays gently in background. Information comes in the form of a clear and information voice over. Elegant simple titles. No time-lapse sequences at all.  Clever and yet frugal use of drone footage.  NO busy time-lapses.  Very cinematic visual style. Stunning colour grade.  Rich saturated colours.  Overall very stylish presentation. 


We hear and experience a compelling story, get a great sense of place through arresting visuals and well presented interviews and voice over narratives.

In  these two examples, we are predominantly down on ground level, up close to the people who are charged with the construction and production of the project.


for the


Vietnam Soc Trang Project

-Let's start with a great sense of place.  The country, dynamic cities, the people, the magnificence of the Mekong.


-Let's tell an arresting story through compelling interviews with local community leaders, UPC project managers, engineers, logistics personnel. Let's give people a sense of the team work involved to make such a project happen.

-We highlight the logistical challenges, the project development process, the location, wind characteristics of this site.  The challenges of building on mud.

-Let's reduce the giddy time-lapse sequences.  I think by now we all know what pouring cement into a turbine base foundation looks like.


-Let's just draw people into the build process by up close action shots.  Nice anecdotal audio of teams in action.

-Let's show and talk about the future of wind power in Vietnam.

-Let's make this film look cinematic and gorgeous to look at.

-Let's create an impactful and engaging film that tells the story of the Soc Trang build.




Film Length.  Approx 3- 8 minutes.  From looking across various UPC and Vestas films I tend to think the sweet spot is 5 minutes.  Long enough to tell a full story without getting tedious or risking a click away.

Voice Over Narrator.  Most probably best Vietnamese speaking and sounding, with good English intonation.

Main Interviewees. 5-10. 


1-3 representing UPC management, third as the Protagonist, who should appear more than once in the film.  Who will be the protagonist?

1 govt official

1 local official

1 engineer, logistics manager

1 construction worker

1 community leader

1-2 locals/farmers/land owners

Film Title So far I have come up with** favourites

'Earth, Wind & Water/ gió đất và nước' **

'Up high, down in the delta'

'Besides the Mighty Mekong'

''High Winds of the South'


'UPC and the Delta High Winds' **

'High Altitude Wind Power'


'UPC and the Delta from/at 162'  **

Film Objectives.

A. Visually pleasing

B. Educational/Informative-we learn about;



        -the Mekong Delta

 - the logistics and challenges of wind farm construction in the      Mekong Delta

        -tallest towers in Vietnam

 -Vietnam Govt's vision for meeting their power demands in the future and how wind will become one of the major ways to obtain their energy need objectives.

C. What are UPC's Mission, Purpose, Philosophy, Values.


D. Highlighting;

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility.

  2. Community Development and Empowerment.

  3. Environmental Development Programs.

....... work in progress.  (to be continued)