Behind every successful business there is a dynamic team! Their synergy creates the passion which in turn ensures excellence, quality of product, quality of service!  They work in synch!    Overcoming great challenges during these pandemic times!  

Your people are special.  They are unique individuals, with their own special character, personality and talent.  And hey, what about their  remarkable features?   :- )


Let's face it.  Our FACES distinguish US...more so than ever in a photograph, which is nothing more than a mute, 2 dimensional representation of ourselves! 


However, I believe a great portrait can communicate persona and proficiency in profound ways.  But to do that it needs to go beyond a smiling face.  It has to harness what I call 'personality vibe'. 

Now with my passion for portraiture and 30 years of professional experience I feel I know how to  coax out that 'character vibe'....

As an award winning commercial portrait photographer....

I have a proposal for you! 


The FCC (Foreign Correspondents Club) commissioned me to take Helen's portrait...


....her portrait along with 99 others!  All taken at their premises.  There was no big production.  No fuss.  It was a small team.  Therefore modest cost. 


-Meticulous pre-planning and pre-lighting tests ensured that once on the shoot, we knew what had to be done and how to do it.  With this in mind, we sailed through the shoot like a breeze!



-I purposely lit and colour graded Carmen's portait to suit the preferred feel and vibe that the management of the FCC requested.

-Client wanted a crisp and clean look, with a slight blue, cyan tinge to the background....


.....viola, I gave them just that !!


However, let me show you how the original image looked and how creatively I can subtly or not so subtly change the look and vibe of your portraits....




There is no end to what we can do for you...

animated GIF portrait example

For more insights and price reference,

I'd love to hear from you...


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to see the entire

Foreign Correspondents Club

 portrait series 


Kindest regards

Richard Mark Dobson

Director of Creativity

Hong Kong

August 2020

Aeronautica Ltd

Unit 701 Royal Commercial Centre, 56 Parkes Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong